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I just heard from Shakespears that some jockey are having problem with their stable manager and one has already been fired.
The one who's been fired is B. Fayd'herbe. Holder and Neisius are having some words with their respective stable manager. Would have to wait some days before and official explanation.

See you soon everyone for the publication of the Video Watch.
There was 3 winner from (video watch of 28J)

If you find it interesting, just let me know, thks

vendredi 28 octobre 2011

Analyse de la 31ème journée - samedi (2nd part)

5th race - 1400m (60+)

I'll Be Back - 1st chance in this race - Run under previous 1400m record, when Green Keeper score the new one. Draw 2 - Except Jockey is really an ass hole - He should win. MY FAVOURITE.

Paraguayito - A Very Good Horse on 1400m - My South African Trainer, told me he was one of the best in his generation. Ricky Maingard try very hard to get this horse, but P. F. Kune has a better bid. He knew that because him too try to get it. His winning equipment is (BN). So I don't think its by accident that they entered him in this race with BN. THE BIG DANGER.

Meltaway - He is now RACING FIT. Ignore last race - Will Rousset try something here. ADD IN QUARTET.

I think Hot pace between Chief Mambo - Modern Monet and Paraguayito will be set on. This is why with I'll Be Back in good position. Capitaine will certainly be in his back as he is also a FENCER. And then will follow Meltway on the outside and in the back of the field gamekeeper. As I'll Be Back will get the first run. But don't think the flyers will fade that easily.

6th Race - 1600 m (65+)
An Open Race - Watch out traffic problem.

I will not state on that race. I am inviting any member to give there views.

My Quartet (Rs 720) : Roving Banker: Glinding High - Accupa / Selec: Rudi Rock - Green Keeper - Honour In Gold - Seattle Ice.

7th Race - 1850m (36-20)
Sea of Galilee - Consistant - Back to a suited distance - Down In Class. MY FAVOURITE.

Hills Of Rome - Fitness ?? - I don't see him at training on thursday nor today. Will be here if fit. A DANGER.

Salvador Dali - Had a nail in the left back shoe 3 weeks ago. It was in front of me in the parade ring. Won in a convincing way last time but is now up in class. DONT THINK.

Altelekker - Patiently prepared since 3 weeks now. He was FIT and ON TOES since 2 wks already. Maingard target this race. Draw 1. Has the distance. ANOTHER DANGER

8th Race - 1365m (25-0)
 Division vine Fou !

Inkosi - Racing FIT now. Teeha out - Geroudis on ! WATCH OUT

Port Albert - Race 3 times in S.A - Won 1: place 2. Dark Spot is a Puller. I just found his S.A. rating 85. But as this horse has came here since he was 2 yrs old he entered the Champ De Mars unrated. As a result he got a MR 24. Good Training Sessions. ON S.A. FORM HIS 3 CLASS ABOVE - BUT IS HE ON ??

Tiger Trap - Racing FIT now. WATCH OUT 

Tizaloochee - Same as LIAM and PORT ALBERT - Arrived here at 2yrs old so they are unrated. And there take a Mauritian Rating of 24. Good Training. His SA rating should have been 85. ON S.A. FORM HIS 3 CLASS ABOVE - BUT IS HE ON ??

Sovereign Service - Bussunt beleive he can do a pillar to post. UNPREDICTABLE.

Eternal Light - Dont ask me why - but Kiki take very very good care of him since 2 month. I play him last time out. But he finish last at 11.5L. But even that Kiki continue to take care of him. KIKI MAGIC

Analyse de la 31ème journée - samedi

Hi to all the racegoers of the Champ de Mars :-)

The sun is high and hope it will be same for our pocket :-)

Some news before starting - Raj Ramdin who love cheers can strike his 100th win if he won twice. So watch out his double - From My Heart - Port Albert. Have a look also on Gamekeeper.

Paul Foo Kune Stable has a lot of chance on saturday. They certainly go for a double.

Patrick Merven seem to be targeting Sunday meeting specialy with Sports Factors and volacious. 

1st Race : 1500 m (30-14)
Campus: Down in class - Well prepared and specialy target this race. I got that from 'Shakespears' - Only dark spot is that he does not win 1500m here. Come from (40-24) 3.30L then (36-20) 0.5L. Now in (30-14) and is top fitTHE CHALLENGER.

Palm Of Piece: Draw One - Loss one shoe last time and finish 1.65L - same class. Can do it this time - Dark spot is that he does not win over 1500m him too. A DANDER.

Roman Baton: Win impresively last time (2.35L) - Up in class - Already Won here over 1500m. LOGIC FAVOURITE.

Addition: Is Racing Fit - But distance seems to be a bit long for him. ADD IN QUARTET

Pride Of Prussia: Draw 3 - Beaten twice by Snappy. If pace on will be there around. ADD IN QUARTET

Imperial Palace: I saw him today and he is racing fit. Draw 2. Slow at start. May be if he correct this bad habit, he could be there around. UP TO YOU.

2nd race - 1600m (46-30)
Key Of Gold - Run 2 very good race with D. Sooful - Remeber the horse did not want to run next time herholdt ride him - So be careful guy. But something sure I saw him this morning, he is RACING FIT.

Southern Height - As I say last time - this horse was beaten over 1400m by Intercontinental just by 1L in S.A. He is not in his class here. If jockey does not goes in a cut throat, he is going to win again. MY BANKER.

Beach Club - This horse was ON TOES this morning. THE DANGER

3rd race - 1000m (51-35)
Shutterfly - Is Back to winning form - New Challenge 1st time 1000m - If hot pace is set on, HE CAN STRIKE.

Man Of His Word - Win impresively last time - But now he will not be allow to use Bleed No More -And most important he is disadvantage against Match Play and Hails Atlantis. WILL BE THERE.

Bobby Bear - This horse was favourite in his race against Sky Link - Even if the latter does not do anything here, he has a good S.A. Form. The only dark spot is that they don't put the Blinkers. May be to get good odds. He is fit as I saw him a lot of work in training.  A DANGER.

Hails Atlantis - T1 - Watch out - Very good horse in S.A. I say on his first outing that he could be the successor of Prince Paseo. He run against very good horse. First outing here his odds was Rs 600 opening and Rs 180 closing. Is RACING FIT. Two last outing lost the race at 75m of the post. So now back on his distance. MY FAVOURITE.

4th Race - 1500m (56-40)
From My Heart should be another banker of the day. Very good time on 1500m. Best in this class. LOGIC FAVORITE

Bolting Cat: In 'Shakespear' a lot of good sound on him - He was specially prepared for this race. But does not think to fall on F. M. Heart. But his advantage is that he will set the pace. Watch the odds to know if his ON. THE DANGER

Inside Out - Will be at the back of Bolting Cat - and if the gap open in time, he will be able to take 1st run. GOOD CHANCE.

Anti-Freeze - on his last outing over 1500m (233) he run in 1m31. So if he's able to do that he will be in there around. ADD IN QUARTET

vendredi 21 octobre 2011

SOME combination of pick 5

Ok let try to go for  a pick 5.

2 / 2-3-5-8-9 / 1-2-3-4-5-7 / 8 / 1-4-5-6-8  = Rs 750 (100%)

4-5-8 / 2-3-5-8-9 / 1-2-3-4-5-7 / 8 / 1-4-5-6-8 = Rs 225 (10%)

2 / 5 / Fill / 4 - 5 - 8 / Fill = Rs 150 (10 %)

2 / 5 / 1-2-3-7 / 4 - 5 -8 - 10 / 1 - 2 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 = Rs 240 (50%)

Analyse 30 - 8

(20-0) - What a field .... :-)

Drug Squad - Foo Kune will have a go on it - Good looking shape in training. Might be just a bit nerveous before the start. HAVE A BET.

Hopes and Desires  - le plus regulier - mais mauvaise cote - ATTENTION CERF VOLANT

Cut Master - Burke said once he'll relax in race, he will be very competitive. HAVE A LUCK

Sherwani - Lower class - 2 wks consecutive. WATCH

Sideliner - Unbelievable 2 good run in a row - UP TO YOU.

Fiddler's Green - Good run last outing. ATTENTION

Analyse 30 - 7

Manta Ridge cherche rachat

Manta Ridge should have win last time. LOGIC FAVORITE

City Of Choice - Superbe physical Condition - THE CONTENDER

Fire Wire - On Toes at training is now racing fit. WATCH OUT.

Sherbrooke - Ricky Maingard said that he might have some respiration problem. If its fix up - Will be new Alitalia. SILENT HOPE

Analyse 30 - 6

Western Emblem should beat A Quiet Rush & Red Lucifer

This race should be between those 3 but if surprise must happen this will come from STRIKE AGAIN. Remember what I wrote on his last outing.

Analyse 30 - 5

Open Race

Makes Me Wonder - CAN IT AGAIN.

Azapel - Constantly in the place - SOMEWHERE AROUND

Constellation - Too Short for him I think. QUARTET ONLY.

Captain Thriller - Big Reputation - Will run against competitive horse. 1st outing. BAD OODS.

Princely Reason - Will be well place - HONNEST PERFORMER.

Fidelis - Good last run. Is Improving. ON THE UP.

King's Shilling - Down in class - was at Rs 350 last time out. This time at Rs 2500. BETTING COUP

Analyse 30 - 4

Drud's Moon se démarque du lot.

Druid's Moon - Will be hard to beat on his last 2 outing. NEARLY A BANKER.

Winter Weather - Can compete him if on the same form than his last outing. He was carrying 60kg whereas Druid's Moon was carrying 57kg. Naiko was not convincing on his riding. Now he got the weight in his favor. THE DANGER.

Wild 'N Free - Hearing it could be another Star Biling - Menti Sa. GARDE ZOT CASH

Dubai - Nothing wrong this year. MUST BE CONSIDERED

Analyse 30 - 3

Man Of His Word will bleed no more :-)

Man Of His Word: Will be in front - always dangerous on 1000m - MY FAVORITE

Imperial City: Run well fresh - nearly won last trial on 1000m. Have to change line and get pipep by Man of His Word. THE CONTENDER

What A Hit: Win 1000m race but have been then demoted. But was in a weak field. FOR A PLACE

Biliary Fever

Biliaty Fever:
Babesiosis in the horse is caused by two protozoal piroplasms, Babesia equi and Babesia caballi. These organisms currently are the only erythroparasites of clinical significance in North American horses. B. caballi is a relatively large member of the genus and its appearance has been likened to B. bigemina, the species responsible for Texas Cattle Fever. The development of B. caballi in the host occurs exclusively in erythrocytes. The trophozoites appear as round, oval, or elliptical basophilic structures that measure 1.5 to 3µm in diameter. The organisms are intraerythrocytic within the cytoplasm of erythrocytes (Fig.1). Pairs of organisms are commonly found in a single erythrocyte oriented such that they form an acute angle. Babesia equi, in contrast, is a smaller member of the genus and has been found to have an extraerythrocytic stage of shizogony occurring in host lymphocytes. Similarities to the bovine pathogen Theileria have stimulated debate over the rightful taxonomic classification of this organism. Trophozoites of B. equi appear as oval, round, elliptical, or spindle-shaped basophilic structures that measure up to 3µm in diameter (Fig. 2). The merozoite stage appears as two or four pyriform parasites together within the erythrocyte, each with a length of only 1.5 µm on average. When four Babesia equi merozoites are present together in one cell, they frequently form a characteristic "Maltese cross"

Clinal Signs
Rarely, a peracute form of the disease occurs in which horses die within 24-48 hours of the onset of clinical signs. Clinical signs of equine babesiosis generally follow a variable incubation period of 5 to 21 days.
The acute form of the disease usually involves fever, malaise, anorexia, depression, icterus, hemoglobinemia / hemoglobinuria, pale mucous membranes, tachycardia, and tachypnea. Additional features that may or may not be seen include sweating, colic, lacrimation, incoordination, cardiac murmurs, and subcutaneous edema around the head and eyelids.
Subacute cases are characterized by intermittent fever, anorexia, weight loss, tachycardia, tachypnea, with variable degrees of icterus, hemoglobinuria, and bilirubinuria.

Analyse 30 - 2

ROBBIE: "Don't Say Don't to Good Grief"

Good Grief : Robbie say he made a wrong judgement, last time. This time he's gonna correct the shot. LOGIC FAVORITE

Don't Say Don't: Mark said he will be in the trifecta - Draw 1 - Improved in training - SILENT HOPE.

Desolation Row: Contract the Billiary Fever (see note*). No one can predict if he will suffer the treatment side effect. But in any case, this horse run a very good 1st race after having rest 11 months. GOOD CHANCE.

Le Mistral: Patrick Merven could have gone for a double: Point of Policy - Mistral. So if Ghunowa wins the 1st race watch out. HONNEST CHANCE.

Bourne Supreme - 3rd race since he take a break - Racing Fit - All depend on tactic - Down in class - Last Outing (51-35) now 40-24. DARK HORSE - QUARTET

Analyse 30 - 1

Mac Mufti - Point Of Policy - How Many To Won

How Many To Won: Confidence was here in the Perdrau yard, when talking about this 2 times winner in S.A. Will be competitive in this field. DOWN IN CLASS - A DANGER.

Mdansi: Unstable horse - Change riders can love it. Once run 2nd to Disa Leader and is in form in training. WATCH OUT

Bali Mojo: Draw 1 - Difficult to understand - QUARTET.

Mac Mufti: Back to form - Good Draw - Could be alone in front - Was in a very competitive field next time. LOGIC FAVORITE.

Pine Nut: A lot of speculation in Shakespears Street... A special prepatation for that race. UP TO YOU

Point Of Policy: Will definitely run a better race as he is now racing fit. Run in 1m30.73 on his 1st outing over 1600m. Usely run in front in S.A. P. Merven is confident about this one. THE MAIN DANGER

30ème journée

Hi everybody,

hope you're all fine. Let go and have a look at this 30th meeting.

Pretty interesting program...

About 4 O'oclock on my friend 'ZOM LA PLACE' will give some views of how the betting trend is going on.

mardi 18 octobre 2011


Ivory Snow va gagner la 1ère course de la 33ème journée 1850m piloté par Gundowry.

lundi 17 octobre 2011

Video Views - 28e J

Cocktail Parade — Run one off all the way — was taken completely wide on the 400m. Even through he run 3.95 L. WATCH NEXT TIME. (40-24)

Diamond Light — He was not train and prepared to compete this race — Neisius told that in his interview — Even though he finish 0.2L of winner. This horse will WIN AGAIN NEXT OUTING. BANKER

Good Grief - Another good 2nd - Next Time Banker in same class. (40-24)

Key Of Gold - Sort mal des stalles - Back to form. Watch in the same class. (51-35)

Legion of Honour - Trop tire pendant la course - Ignore Race.

Mac Mufti — A very good outing — BACK TO FORM ???

Mzingeli — Miss start — 6.00 L at 300m finish 1.85 — Best 600m 36.91

Optima Maximo - Hard fought to take the lead - Ease up - Piped just on post. But R. Gujadhur Stable all depend on the odds.

Palm Of Piece - Lost 1 shoe in racing and even finish 4th 1.65L.

Royal Chalon — Desperately searching for a clear run which he never get. Even that he finish 2.8L — When Maingard said in the interview of the last race that Bheekary made some mistake today, it is specially this one. ATTENTION COUPE D'OR

Sniper - Has he really been outpace at the start ?? -  7.70L at 300m finish at 1.1L from the second GOOD GRIEF.

Strike Again — Never allowed to run — Always in the back of a horse — WATCH CLOSELY NEXT OUTING

Young Annoncer - 3 wide with False Rail 3m50.  - SUICIDE

vendredi 14 octobre 2011

some propose ideas

Place Acc: Rs 540

Lévé Pilé:
Carcassone - place
Cypress Express - place
Space Man - place

Schecado - win
Prince Of Troy or Humble King - win

Defonce Book.... See U.

Analyse 29 - 8


Iwayini - 2 last race was good. But unsufficient for a win. BOOK FAVORITE. Rs 320

Space Man - Did a very good race on 30/07/2011 when he get beat by Diamond Light. Less than 2L. His last race, he was completely forced wide and was sweaping a lot before the race, so this should be ignore. MY FAVORITE. Rs 600

Sherwani - Run in progress on his 2 last outing and nearly made it. So now with FRANZI, he can strike. A DANGER. Rs 410

Mustarsel - Does an eye catching run last time out with Bhaugeerothee. He should have win. Got a very good chance with Holder. THE CONTENDER. Rs 900.

Analyse 29 - 7

ZIP IT and LEAD STORY are the key of the race.

This race will depend on the tactic employed by ZIP IT and LEAD STORY. If one of them goes through a cut throat this will force Snappy to sit back. Then Humble King with the hot pace will win it easily.
Whereas if they sat at the back of Snappy, then Humble King will have to go outside for a clear run or wait till the final straight. In this case Snappy who will be relaxed by Burke will keep on going away.

Only Two horses:

Snappy / Humble King

Add Betrayed and Please to Progress in your Quartet

Analyse 29 - 6


Accupa - Show his class in the maiden cup. LOGIC FAVORITE. Rs 250

Intercontinental - Already beat him once. Now has 1.5kg less. THE DANGER. Rs 250

Sport Factor - Already run the Maiden Cup in training session 3 to 4 days of the event. So this should be ignore. If not cutting throat with Solar Symbol, he might do something here. THE DARK HORSE. Rs 900

Solar Symbol - Back to form and got Neisius on board. TACTIC WINS. Rs 1000

La Foce - Received weight now from Accupa and Inter. But is this enough ? UP TO YOU. Rs 2000

Analyse 29 - 5

OPEN RACE but little advantage to Cult Status

Cult Status - Honest Performer - unlucky - Good Draw - Stable very confident. LOGIC FAVORITE. Rs 250

Prince Of Troy - Well train - Beat GREEN KEEPER and AL MASRI in the same race in S.A. over 1600m.  Should be considered. A DANGER. Rs 900

Jungle Jim - Find Jeanot again. Can upset the odd. It's all depend on tactics. UP TO YOU. Rs 750

Revolution - On toes at training. Can do something if hit front alone. THE SURPRISE. Rs 1400

Quiritus - Hard Puller - It all depend on his behaviour in the race. INTERESTING ODDS. Rs 1100

Steel Of Approval - Constantly in progress. CAN STRIKE. Rs 2000

Burberry - Was a bit dry coated last time I saw him. Watch in the parade ring on saturday. If hot pace is set. Rs 1300

This race could be run in two ways. If hot pace is set by Quiritus, Revolution and Juanfra. Then Cult Status will be well place, to get the 1st run on Prince of Troy, Jungle Jim and Pleasing Dancer. Steel Of Approval could follow just at the back of the leader and take a place in the Quartet.

Whereas if a front runner above those mention hit the front and is not force to cut throat, then it might be just Cult Status and Prince of Troy who will be able to get close.

In both case. These two are the Roving Banker.

Hope you'll win the quartet cause it might be interesting.

Analyse 29 - 4

Schecado and the others...

Schecado - On his last race, should deserve all your attention. MY BANKER. Rs 250

Teamog - Is down in class, and run a very good race last time. Have a look to the video. THE DANGER. Rs 750

Handsome Bullion - Rs 300 because of what... the blinker. Not enough for me. GARDE TO CASH. Rs 300

Mohican - Un coup oui, un coup non... TRIFECTA. Rs 250

Analyse 29 - 3

CYPRESS EXPRESS should do it again.

Cypress Express - Win with a top time - 1.30.8 in this class. Should do it again. MY FAVORITE. Rs 400

Silent Screen - Show recent progress. Seem very nice looking in training. MAY BE THE SURPRISE. Rs 2000

Dock Of The Bay - If in progress. Could be in Quartet. Rs 1200

Torero - Honnest Performer - Can use the draw to be in front. THE DANGER. Rs 430

Made Of Money - New equipement - may be the little + he need. TO BE CONSIDERED. Rs 800

Trifecta should be among this horse.

Analyse 29 - 2


Star Billing - Favorite. Jockey suspended last outing. Changed Stable. But even though it did not convince me to be a banker. NOT A BANKER. Rs 350

Moon Raider - Long preparation. Back in betting - Rs 2500 to 1500 yesterday. But draw 9 and did not do big thing in S.A. Neisius is confident on it. UP TO YOU.

Camden's Choice - Miss his chance last outing to strike. Diversion to blur - Champ In Action. BY PASS.

Champ In Action - Win 1500m here. Last week was not entered in race... why ?? Now why Bardottier instead of Bhaugeerothee ?? Considering he was penalise 2 kg on his last win. With -3kg from Jeannot he definitely got an advantage. THE MASTER SURPRISE. Rs 2000

Electric Lightning - Honest performer. Should be consider in that field. MAY BE A PLACE. Rs 900

Baynesfield - 2 very good last run. Less than 0.5 of winner. Why is him at Rs 1800. Book is trying to fuck us. WIN / PLACE. Rs 1800

Woodi Allain - Long Preparation at Floreal - The Stable goes for a double Woodi - Cult Status. UP TO YOU. Rs 800

Royal Time - 2nd run. No idea of his real pottential. Ségéon lose money last week so watch out. WATCH OUT. Rs 600

I advise direct betting on CHAMP IN ACTION win and place.

Analyse 29 - 1

Ball Park - If on the same form of his last race should be the winner. Beaton by Diamond Light, Southern Height by small margin.  CAN PISS OFF THE RACE. Rs 450

Carcassonne - Most of the time train by Simon Jones. Hearing might just be another Diamond. His last race in SA he is beaten by a Lors' Throat who's MR is 109. The 2nd was 6.90L behind so finishing 10.2 means about than 3L from the 2nd. Considering he loss 2 L at start. He could have been in the quartet.

McNaught - Win pretty nicely last time out in the same class. Odds fix. Only disadvante win Gundowry win in Jockey B Categorie last outing.  INTERESSTING BET. Rs 750

Roman Baton - Due to the win of Senor Versace - Roman Baton is another horse that Burke said that he will make he win till the end of the season. With a stupid 2nd where he should have win last time. Public back this horse, but to me his odds does not reflets it true potential cause he used to be unstable. UP TO YOU. Rs 450

Powder Snow - 2nd run after 7 days... I don't like that. Specially that last time he carried 3kg less (Apptentice ride). So if you add the 2kg due to his win. He is now handicap with 5kg. IGNORE - CERF VOLANT. Rs 600

Cactus Wolf - May be 4 the quartet if pace is set on. Used to be ridden by Apprentice Oodith. NOT A PRIORITY. Rs 1200

Mabrook - A safe source told me that he is a silent hope from Maingard's Yard. BET WIN / PLACE. Rs 2000

Selisius - DARK HORSE - Don't understand him yet. Nice looking in training. Rs 1600

Good Time Charlie - Always favorite with apprentice. Last week - S. Bhundoo was favorite. So why now at rs1200. WATCH CLOSELY.

I should advise for this to go for a quartet:
Roving Banker: Ball Park couple with Mc Naught
Add: Carcasson - Roman Baton - Mabrook
Then either: G. T. Charlie / Selisius

29ème Journée

n'avrez du retard, j'étais absent du monde hippique c'est quelques jours.
Voyons ensemble ce que pourrais bien nous réserve cette 29ème Act au Champ de Mars.

D'entré nous notterons un programme plutôt intéressant où les favoris ou second couteau seront de la partie.

Les chevaux répérés pour cette Mabrook - Champ In Action - Silent Screen / Made Of Money - Schecado/Teamog - Sports Factor - Lead Story - Space Man

Attaqu'ons l'analyse des 8 courses

vendredi 7 octobre 2011


8th race - 1400m (30-14)

Manta Ridge will have to defeat Pride Of Prussia

Manta Ridge - Race 3 wide last time. If jockey not inspired by Star Billing ride, will be hard to beat.

Pride Of Prussia - 2 races against Snappy who is too good for that class. Only problem is Draw 9. Finish last 600m in 36.14 whereas Manta Ridge run in 37.14. THE CONTENDER. Rs 1100

Addition - On summum de sa forme en ce moment. S'attaque a une classe superieur. Ne dois pas être condamné sur sa récente défaite. Avait Fayd'herbe en selle pourrait crée une petit surprise. ATTENTION A LUI. Rs 650

Pole of Cold - N'a jamais été surclasser en Afrique du Sud. Burke fait généralement bien avec ses nouveaux. DARK HORSE. Rs 700


7th race - 1600m (40-24)

Diamond will Light again.

Diamond Light - Big heart. In his last race Tamworth do anything possible to make him lose. Mange Boullette lor contour. Even that he win again. The only question in that race is who will set the pace.
MY FAVORITE. Rs 230 cadeau.

Fort Noble - Good race last time. He prouve to be a distance horse so far not a miller. BY PASS. Rs 500

Count Me In - Bien a l'entraînement. S'il garde son mord, sera le plus grand danger. A très bien courue sur ses deux sorties précédente. LE DANGER. Rs 550

Amaphupho - Good last run, improving. IN QUARTET. Rs 900

Cocktail Parade - Geroudis should have been suspended last time. IN QUARTET. Rs 1400


6th race - 1500m (65+)


Captain's Knock - Good Classy Horse. Already won in record time on 1500m. The question is will the pace be set on ???. Don't think with Modern Monet only flyer. So I think, NOT THIS TIME. Rs 1200

Glinding High - Class horse - Good preparation. One of the Main Contenders. CAN STRIKE. Rs 500

Profit Report - Blinkers Off - Previous holder of the 1365m record. Back to form. UP TO YOU. Rs 900

Royal Chalon - Would have been the horse to beat with SEGEON. So why not with Bheekary. I know the horse has been prepared for that race. TO BE CONSIDER Rs 1400

The Cardinal - Nearly back to his best. Only question he never won on 1500m. QUARTET. Rs 900 (Betting 1200 - 900).

Captain's Cheer - Indeed he never won on 1500m, he is the most consitent performer of the race.
He will be close to the pace with only Modern Monet in front and could strike in time. WILL BE IN TRIFECTA. Rs 430

Senor Versace - Back on a shorter distance. All will depend whether Modern Monet put a hot pace, then all the finisher of the race will come ??? DEPENDS ON PACE. Rs 700 (betting drift 450 - 700)

Modern Monet - The Only front runner in that race. Last time Burke saud that he was a better horse than Monsieur Dane. So watch out. A pillar to post against Captain's Cheer. MY FAVORITE. Rs 800


5th race - 1500m (61-45)


Legal Maxime - bien dans sa peau. 2ème ligne. Over train next time. May be with Cedric. QUARTET PERHAPS. Rs 600

Dealer's Choice - A considérer. Constant Performer. GOOD ODDS Rs 1600

Strike Again - Finish very close unless you see 7.35L. Green Keeper won in record time and I'll be back run under the previous record also. 3rd was Chivas at 6.6L. Which means that Strike Again finish at 0.75L with Bhaugeerothee on board. MY FAVORITE. Rs 1400

Divine Cruisader - 3 win in a row - up in class. Changed Horse this season. THE ONE TO BEAT. Rs 370

Red Lucifer - Last race, Rama was escorting King Shiling instead of running his race. Although he finish second. IS A GOOD HORSE. Rs 550

King Fahiem - Run in 3 GROUPE 1 in SA. 1st outing here, was just given a run. THE CONTENDER. Rs 450.


4th race - 1500m


From My Heart - Neisius very confident. Close to record time last time 1m29.85. BANKER. Rs 225

Druid's Moon - Consistant performer. But best race in 1m31.18.

Quartet add in selection: Legion of Honour, Solar Orbit (really fit this morning), Key Of Gold and Mr Wolf


3rd race - 1365m

Avantage Good Grief

Good Grief - débarassé de Southern Height, tombeur de Lord of The Dance. A toute les chance pour strike back. Aura Powerful Gift pour mettre un train lancé. 1st CHANCE. Rs 300

Sniper - Silent Hope du côté Paul Foo Kune. (56-40) à (40-24). ATTENTION. Rs 1000

Santos - second de Torero. Torero peut battre Good Grief.... NA. GARDE TO CASH. Rs 800

War Academy - 2 bonne courses cette saison. QUARTET ROVING BANKER. Rs 700

Young Announcer - Patiemment entraîner. Met un petit 100. DARK HORSE of the race. Rs 3000

Le Mistral - The main challenger of Good Grief. Pegus get fired on that. But won't be easy with Powerful Gift. WILL GET HELP OR NOT ?? Rs 500.


2nd Race - 1600m

Moot Call - Palm Of Piece - Power Of Poseidon - Waterside Jet - The Sneaker — Make your choice

Moot Call - Last outing should be ignore, he lost all chance on start (36-20). Down in class. But drift in odds (380 to 500). GOOD CHANCE Rs 500

Palm Of Piece - 2nd at 49-1. Then next outing automatically the horse would have been back in betting (6-1). So they train him on 2 full lap on Wednesday before the race. How do you want him to perform on Satuday. Naturally he finish far from winner Trianius. COUPE POGNET OU PAS ???  Rs 400

Power Of Poseidon - You must consider his rating to be as 15 when he won last outing. Now considering the claimer his rating is as 21. Is he able to win in (30-14) ? Draw 2. CAN DO SOMETHING Rs 750

Waterside Jet - Not a constant performer. But is now back on a distance he won. Lost a lot of rating point. Draw 6 with Geroudis. Down in class when he finish 2nd at 0.1L of Ballito Boy. MY FAVORITE Rs 500

The Sneaker - Good first outing. Watch out 2nd run syndrome. Draw 9. Odds don't relate the horse real chance. Will depend on the race cirsconstance. OUTSIDER CHANCE FOR ME.  Rs 550


1st Race - 1600m

GOOD TIME CHARLIE - POWDER SNOW - SIDELINER sont les plus chuchotés.

Good Time Charlie - est toujours à 4-1 depuis ses deux dernières courses. Il a finit à moins de 2L de Southern Height (25-0) et de Hills Of Rome (30-14). 1ère fois aligné en (20-0).
ATTENTION cette fois.  Rs 500

Powder Snow - 5 sorties - 4 fois second. Will certainly be there around again.

Sideliner - (7-8-9-8-2) Second a 24-1. Now 4-1. NO GO Rs 500

Asset Growth - Petit cheval en progrès constant et en baisse de catégorie. 2 dernière courses pas mieux que ne l'indique son classement. Last 400m wide / Géné - No clear run. A SA CHANCE Rs 800

Catch A Star - 11.06.11 Finit 1.60L de Southern Height (25-0). Azie dans cette catégorie de jockey et un bon. Alors WATCH OUT. Rs 2000

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jeudi 6 octobre 2011

Training views - 6 Oct

All views express here are personal one.

I rate horse on "5 •••••" and this is just physical impression.
Horse in GREEN may deserve more attention.
And RUST one may be ignored.


Hi everybody,

1st race: may be a 4 horses race:
Good Time Charlie (••• Closely watch) 

Catch A Star (•••• On Toes) 

Tito Manolo (••) petit bleu à la hanche
Sideliner (••• R.G. horse rarely repeat performance so this is why we should may be look at Rambo Rouge •••)

2nd Race:

City of Choice ••••• could has been a banker but as stable not in form, it may be dangerous.

Opposition will come from:

Moot Call ••• miss start next outing but finish very strongly to be close.
Waterside Jet •••• Ignore last race 1000m
Power of Poseidon ••• - Handicap by + 6kg. Hard this time.

3rd Race:
Good Grief •••• will be hard to beat. Strong in this class. I take it as Banker

Opposition will come from: FK horse (••••both) and Champ in Action (••••)

For a quartet add: Santos •••• , Le Mistral ••• et Young Annoncer (Long preparation 4wks at P-Louis)

Ignore: Ballito Boy (X) Dry Coat and Patch Of Blue (X) - not the same

4th Race:
4 contenders:  
Druids Moon (•••••) Big potential,
From My Heart (••••) close to record time previous outing,  
Key Of Gold (••••) patiently prepared since August and Legion of Honour (••••).

Ignore: Handsome Bullion (X)

5th Race:
I will ignore Divine Cruisader (X) seem down in form.
Focus on Legal Maxim, Inside Out, Pablo et Pivotal Blue.

6th Race:
Every horses in this race are in good shape.

7th Race:
Diamond Light(••••) 2nd Banker.

Quartet add:
Fort Noble (••••) down in class,
Cocktail Parade (••••) watch last race,
Count Me In (••••) watch last race,
Champ in Action (••••) still on toes

8th Race:
Manta Ridge (2-3-1) offer better guaranti.
Allain Perdrau was watching closely Mighty Fine. May be a guide.


Addition (•••••), Betrayed (•••), Pole of Cold (•••) and Pride of Prussia (•••••) should not be ignore.

See your after the official program.

mercredi 5 octobre 2011

Entré & ligne de la 28ème journée au Champ de Mars


Un bref survole me permet de voir que certains chevaux se démarquent dans leur course respective.
A savoir:

1ère course - 1600m (20-0)
• Cactus Wolf
  Avt: Bon finisseur dans cette classe / Désa: Part parfois lentement + 2ème semaine consécutive
• Good Time Charlie
  Avt: 1ère ligne (3 fois bien côté)  /  Désa:  Lent quelques fois au départ
• Tito Manolo
  Avt: Bien placé au depart / Désa: Il plafonne les derniers 100m

2ème course - 1600m (30-14)

• City Of Choice
  Avt: Bon finisseur + Peut suive de n'importe quel position + 4ème ligne  / Désa: Il lui faut un train rapide

3ème course - 1365m (40-24)
• Sniper
  Avt: 1er couloir + Long préparation à Port Louis + décend de catégorie / Désa: Portera 61.5kg
• Good Grief
  Avt: Est débarrassé de Southern Height + Fort dans cette classe / Désa: -
• Count Me In
  Avt: Très puissant finisseur + bon mon jockey préferé / Désa : A tendance à lacher son mord en course

On les opposera: • Santos  • Le Mistral (s'il court seul en tête)

4ème course - 1500m (51-35)
• Druid's Moon (Chase Running On all the way and nearly catch him)
• From My Heart (A couru presque en temps record + régulier)
• Key Of Gold (Patiemment préparé - Attention)

On les opposera: • Legion of Honour • Mr Wolf

5ème course - 1500m (61-45)
• Legal Maxim (Bien Mieux)
• Inside Out
• Sergeant Major (Ignoré la dernière course - Gène en course - Prix pas ti bon)

6ème course - 1500m (65+)

7ème course - 1600m (40-24)
Fort Noble (La dernière fois avait travailler sur 2 tours deux jours avant la course)
Good Grief (Est débarrassé de Southern Height + Fort dans cette classe)
Diamond Light (N'a toujours montré ses limites)
• Count Me In
  Avt: Très puissant finisseur + bon mon jockey préferé / Désa : A tendance à lacher son mord en course

8ème course - 1400m (30-14) - ATTENTION Ouvert