vendredi 28 octobre 2011

Analyse de la 31ème journée - samedi (2nd part)

5th race - 1400m (60+)

I'll Be Back - 1st chance in this race - Run under previous 1400m record, when Green Keeper score the new one. Draw 2 - Except Jockey is really an ass hole - He should win. MY FAVOURITE.

Paraguayito - A Very Good Horse on 1400m - My South African Trainer, told me he was one of the best in his generation. Ricky Maingard try very hard to get this horse, but P. F. Kune has a better bid. He knew that because him too try to get it. His winning equipment is (BN). So I don't think its by accident that they entered him in this race with BN. THE BIG DANGER.

Meltaway - He is now RACING FIT. Ignore last race - Will Rousset try something here. ADD IN QUARTET.

I think Hot pace between Chief Mambo - Modern Monet and Paraguayito will be set on. This is why with I'll Be Back in good position. Capitaine will certainly be in his back as he is also a FENCER. And then will follow Meltway on the outside and in the back of the field gamekeeper. As I'll Be Back will get the first run. But don't think the flyers will fade that easily.

6th Race - 1600 m (65+)
An Open Race - Watch out traffic problem.

I will not state on that race. I am inviting any member to give there views.

My Quartet (Rs 720) : Roving Banker: Glinding High - Accupa / Selec: Rudi Rock - Green Keeper - Honour In Gold - Seattle Ice.

7th Race - 1850m (36-20)
Sea of Galilee - Consistant - Back to a suited distance - Down In Class. MY FAVOURITE.

Hills Of Rome - Fitness ?? - I don't see him at training on thursday nor today. Will be here if fit. A DANGER.

Salvador Dali - Had a nail in the left back shoe 3 weeks ago. It was in front of me in the parade ring. Won in a convincing way last time but is now up in class. DONT THINK.

Altelekker - Patiently prepared since 3 weeks now. He was FIT and ON TOES since 2 wks already. Maingard target this race. Draw 1. Has the distance. ANOTHER DANGER

8th Race - 1365m (25-0)
 Division vine Fou !

Inkosi - Racing FIT now. Teeha out - Geroudis on ! WATCH OUT

Port Albert - Race 3 times in S.A - Won 1: place 2. Dark Spot is a Puller. I just found his S.A. rating 85. But as this horse has came here since he was 2 yrs old he entered the Champ De Mars unrated. As a result he got a MR 24. Good Training Sessions. ON S.A. FORM HIS 3 CLASS ABOVE - BUT IS HE ON ??

Tiger Trap - Racing FIT now. WATCH OUT 

Tizaloochee - Same as LIAM and PORT ALBERT - Arrived here at 2yrs old so they are unrated. And there take a Mauritian Rating of 24. Good Training. His SA rating should have been 85. ON S.A. FORM HIS 3 CLASS ABOVE - BUT IS HE ON ??

Sovereign Service - Bussunt beleive he can do a pillar to post. UNPREDICTABLE.

Eternal Light - Dont ask me why - but Kiki take very very good care of him since 2 month. I play him last time out. But he finish last at 11.5L. But even that Kiki continue to take care of him. KIKI MAGIC

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